Daniel Mallais's Product Reviews

  • Bore Oil Works amazing!, April 12th, 2018
    It actually absorbed into the wood of my bagpipes after 24 hours! It also has a great fruity smell, kind of like lime.
  • Chanter Brush A must have, April 12th, 2018
    Not only is it great for cleaning chanters, but oiling them as well, and I have had great success cleaning and oiling my bottom drone joints/tuning pins!
  • Sound Supreme Chanter Reeds WOW! Very easy to play!, May 12th, 2018
    I was blown away with how easy & free blowing these reeds were, yet very vibrant and stable. I don't think I will touch anything else!
  • Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds Full sound and very efficient., May 18th, 2018
    These are a lifesaver, super comfortable to play.
  • G1 Platinum Chanter Reeds Great reeds, May 20th, 2018
    These are solid reeds, bright tone, great true scale, all around brilliant. They can be quite stiff though, so they can take a while to break in.
  • Husk Chanter Reeds WOW!!! , May 23rd, 2018
    What a sound these reeds make, incredible bright, and a true scale in my Naill chanter! They are also very easy blowing too!
  • M&M (Megarity) Chanter Reeds Good reed!, June 1st, 2018
    Pretty solid product, plays GREAT in my Naill chanter, and is easy blowing when set up right!
  • Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds Amazing! Great sound, with ease of playing!, June 8th, 2018
    I am so satisfied with my Kinnaird evo reeds, that I decided to get a set of the new edge drone reeds for my other pipes, which are McCallum. NO sacrifice in tone at all when set up easy, as opposed to other reeds from moving the bridle. However, it can be quite tricky to set up properly, a ton of patience is required, the tenor reeds were easy enough, but the bass drone requires LOTS of adjusting, as it was quite temperamental and would only howl and nothing else depending on the adjustment, atleast in my McCallum drones. So, if you are a beginner like me, I suggest you get your teacher/instructor to help with your setup and adjusting, again these reeds require much more patience to set up then conventional reeds in my experience. The great tone, and efficient setup is DEFINITELY worth it though! And so I give it a 5/5! Fantastic product :-)
  • MacPhee Chanter Reeds Good reed!, June 15th, 2018
    Great product!
  • ER20XS Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Fantastic!, June 22nd, 2018
    Very effective, and very easy to put on, a great product!
  • Easy to replace on the evolution reeds, just slide them on. Thumbs up.
  • Shepherd Chanter Reed Plug and play., April 6th, 2020
    Great reeds for a beginner like me and beyond. With that said, the easy reeds are very sensitive to pressure so if you have difficulty blowing steady you may to up the strength. .
  • Cobbler's Wax Does the job., April 6th, 2020
    Does what it’s supposed to, not the greatest smelling stuff, but it keeps the string secure, also great stuff for drone reeds.
  • Pull Through Swab Best cleaner., April 11th, 2020
    Beast cleaner I used, brushes leave some fuzz in the bored. These cleaned it all right out!
  • Cleaning Rod Great , April 11th, 2020
    Best thing for oiling and cleaning, you can use any kind of cloth you want with it too.
  • Kilberry Book - Piobaireachd One of the greatest books., June 6th, 2020
    This is an outstanding book if you really want to get into piobaireachd.
  • Frazer Warnock Practice Chanter Reeds Very reliable, May 20th, 2018
    A solid reed, very easy to blow, never any problems.
  • Plain Yellow Hemp Great!, June 20th, 2018
    This is good stuff to use, however I personally wrap it together with yellow waxed hemp.
  • Ezeepc Cane Chanter Reeds Not bad., June 22nd, 2018
    I saw the higher price, and assumed it would be a thing of quality, and wanted to try it out. Needless to say, I am really satisfied with it, when they say easy they are NOT kidding, the easiest cane reed I have ever played. It is a little higher pitched than I want though, but overall I like it.
  • Blow Pipe Flapper Valve Solid product., June 23rd, 2018
    Does its job just fine.
  • Selbie Drone Reeds Outstanding tone., April 6th, 2020
    These will really make your tenors sing and ring! Wicked tone. May need some adjusting depending on the make of pipe of course, had to do some adjusting for the Dunbar pipes as they were very low on the tuning pins. Fairly easy to adjust the tongues, but the tuning screws are very very tight and need some extra work to move.
  • Campbell Tuneable Chanter Not efficient, air leaking., May 18th, 2018
    It is a neat idea, however it does not play properly in my experience, you have to blow unnecessarily hard because air bleeds through the sleeve, and also because of this, it sounds muted and tinny & also squeaks frequently.