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Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

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Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

The Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone reed was redesigned in 2013 to improve the brightness and brilliance of the tenor reeds.  The Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds are bright but not buzzy.  The very popular Kinnaird Bass reed is largely the same as the previous design with slightly more power.  Similar to the Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Reed, a metal set screw and allen key allows for easy adjustment of tuning height. The reed body and seats are glass fibre and stronger than other reeds. Pitch adjustment is with the tuning screw in the nose cone.  The o-ring bridle is used to control air flow.  These reeds are extremely air efficient.  They are easy to set-up and offer excellent moisture resistance.  The reeds have a curved carbon fibre molded tongue.


If you play an easy reed or struggle with your pipes, consider the "Easy" version which come set up out of the box easier than our regular reeds. Customization available, please inquire.



"I have been playing a full set of the new Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds and am absolutely delighted with the entire combination.  In my Naill pipe they are producing a full tonal quality without being overpowering.  The tenors are tuning around the hemp line, resulting in a bright and warm effect.  They balance perfectly with the bass.  The harmonics resulting from the entire combination are quite impressive.  All three reeds are extremely air efficient, and probably require about the same amount of air as a good going set of cane reeds.  They produce a depth and warmth without the undesirable buzz associated with many synthetic reeds.  I am also pleased with their ease of "strike in" and how easy it is to manage an efficient cutoff at the end of a performance.  The efficiency of the reeds allows for amazing tuning stability while performing.  In short, I'm loving these reeds!" - Bob Worrall


"I have played Rob Kinnaird’s drone reeds for years in both my sets of Henderson pipes. I thought I had the perfect reed for the perfect instrument. It is hard to improve on perfection, but Rob has done it. Using his engineering background, he has taken a great product and made it a superlative product. By harmonically analyzing the tenor sound, he has been able to enhance the timbre. Not one of us can single out a specific harmonic, but it is obvious that the higher end harmonics are present in the current model. Immediately on inserting the tenor reeds I hear an impressive “new” brightness to the tone quality – something I have never experienced before. They are stable and easily pitched using his unique nosecone screw to set the tenors well up on the hemp line for superior resonance and tuning stability. I experienced a slight increase in volume as well, part due to their perfect match. The bass has been altered slightly to produce a harmonious blend with the tenors. Air efficiency is superb. In fact, these reeds strike in with ease, a feature every piper will enjoy… no fear of early introductions. Cut offs are precise with little need for stoppage plugs.
I have played these reeds for many hours of enjoyment. Count on me to order another set for my pipes and encourage all my students to do likewise. Well done, Rob…. much appreciated." - Ken Eller

"I've been enjoying playing your redesigned drone reeds.  Fantastic!  I've compared them with all of the other reeds I have presently, including your old design, and I can't find any other reeds else that gives the same richness and resonance.  Well done and congratulations on another great product." - Jori Chisholm, Founder of BagpipeLessons.com

"Rob Kinnaird has been making superb drone reeds for many years now, and much to my surprise he has just made them better! The tenors are now richer and steadier than ever, more air efficient and less likely to double-tone. Combine these with what I've always felt was one of the best bass drone reeds there is, and I have no hesitation in ranking Kinnaird among the leading drone reed makers  on the planet today."  - Jim McGillivray, McGillivray Piping

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Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

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