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MacPhee Chanter Reeds

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MacPhee Chanter Reeds

Made by Donald MacPhee in Scotland.

An excellent reed for the Naill chanter. 

Available in medium and easy strengths.  

Shipped humidified and ready to play.

Helpful Tips:

-when you receive your reeds, slightly dampen them &, if necessary, pinch the sound box.  Pinching will ease it & allow easier blowing-in experience.  You may pinch the reed occasionally to maintain the ease of blowing.
-if, after pinching, the reed is still too strong, you may need to slightly scrape the blades of the lay (the top half of the reed).  Do only a little at a time and evenly on each side.  Use a very sharp utility knife and scrape lightly.  A rubber band (3/16" diameter & force 4 oz) placed just above the black hemp will ease the reed too.
-if you find the reed is flat on the 'F', pinch the reed; applying rubberbands may help too.  If you have this problem with an easier reed, you can trim the tips of the blades with a very sharp knife. 


MacPhee Chanter Reeds

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