Catherine Winkelmans's Product Reviews

  • Deger Electronic Chanter II Great for the travelling piper., December 19th, 2009
    These are great for extra practice when a conventional chanter or the full pipes are not an option. I travel an hour each way to my work site by bus. While most passengers use this time to catch up on sleep, I can pull out the Deger and work on exercises or tunes. Found the best solution for the dry skin is Glysomed hand cream.
  • Redpipes Brilliant!!!!, December 19th, 2009
    Santa came early this year and brought me a new toy! I've got the classic version. The bag gives them a feel very close to real pipes. These are a blast to play with both highland and small pipes sounds. I can now play pipes to headphones and not disturb the other members of the household who like to sleep in. For letting others hear the output, I've added a Roland Microcube amp. The amp adds all sorts of sound effects. Heavy metal pipes anyone?!
  • Frazer Warnock Practice Chanter Reeds Good mellow tone, October 11th, 2011
    Using in Dunbar long practice chanter. Nice gentle, mellow tone. Won't overpower at practice.
  • MacPhee Chanter Reeds , October 11th, 2011
    Love the handpicked reeds. 4 for 4 with great craw. Now down to the basement to begin working them in.
  • HBT2 Highland Bagpipe Tuner Great, October 11th, 2011
    I loved the HBT1 and this is even better. Better response on bass drone tuning than first model. Speaker for metronome a great addition. No need to figure out offsets with a standard tuner. Great tool.