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Suede Ross Canister Bag with zipper

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Suede Ross Canister Bag with Zipper

The Ross synthetic zipper bag has been re-designed.

The new Ross bag has a suede-like, red exterior that offers more grip and makes it more like a hybrid hide/synthetic pipe bag. The bag requires no seasoning. The angled zipper is easier to pull and requires only a dab of lubricant at the end. The Ross canister system itself is the same that has served pipers for years.


Features of the Ross Suede Bag with Canister System:
-Red, suede-feel exterior offers helpful friction
-Bag feel similar to hide or sheepskin
-Reliable synthetic material (no seasoning required)
-Smooth seams
-Angled zipper positioning for convenience 
-T-zip, easy-pull zipper access
-Moisture control to all 4 reeds 
-Ross logo and size printed in gold
-Detailed installation instructions with pictures
-Includes extra canister
-Clamp, sleeve, and tape for installation
-Available in 5 Sizes
-2 year warranty on the bag (so keep receipt)

  Now with newly designed canister system.

Ross Bag Manual 

Small (S): 70cm length, 25cm height, 15.87cm diameter
Livingstone (LIV): small sizing with stocks moved 1" forward
Extended Small (ES): 70cm length, 26.75cm height, 16.98cm diameter
Medium (M): 70cm length, 28.5cm height, 18.17cm diameter
Large (L): 72cm length, 30cm height, 19.05cm diameter

Ross Canister Bag with Zipper

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