ray spengler's Product Reviews

  • 3+ years strong!, November 9th, 2008
    A long while back I ordered Kinnaird reeds. It is the second best investment I have made (my bagpipes being number 1). The reeds just keep going and going and going and going. I have made exactly 0 adjustments since I received the reeds! The sound is amazing in my Inveran Bagpipes. I was asked about them in the band and currently there are at least 9 people playing Kinnaird reeds.
  • Gannaway Hide Pipe Bag with Zipper great bag!, November 9th, 2008
    After having issues with other bags (synthetic, 'hybrid' and 'skin'), the Gannoway has been flawless for me. I have had this bag about 3 or 4 years now with no maintenance - even with all the playing I do each week. In my experiance, the stocks, zipper and entire bag seem to be very well made in comparison to other brands.