Lisa Hurtubise's Product Reviews

  • Sgian Dubh Crested Sgian Dubh Crested, September 25th, 2013
    My band purchased this Sgian Dubh (with a piper on it instead of a crest) for a special band member. She's been with the band since she was 9, now 18 and off to Asia for a while before attending University. It came gift boxed with a beautiful inscription inside the box about the history of the Sgian Dubh! She loved the gift! We even had it laser etched on each side of the blade with her name, years with the band and the band name! Pipers & Drummers, don't overlook these great items as gifts for your special band members! Thanks to Kinnairds, we had great service and quick delivery of the Sgian Dubh :)
  • Tunetape Pipe Chanter Tape Chanter tune tape, September 30th, 2013
    Love this tape. Just bought some a month ago or so. It replaces the medical tape I used to use. Easy to place and so far isn't sliding down over the holes.