Alex Munroe's Product Reviews

  • Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds Edge Reeds, September 17th, 2018
    I have had these reeds since about the middle of August and have played them almost every day.I am currently using them in Naill drones with an ABW Sinclair chanter and a Shepherd reed and without a doubt this is the best sound that I have ever attained with synthetic reeds. The bendable tongue adjustment is revolutionary for setting the exact strength that you want to match your chanter reed and the set screw in the nose cone for fine tuning pitch that has been a hallmark of Rob's reeds since the original version of Kinnaird Reeds came on the scene works equally well. I just played for 45 minutes and these reeds handled the moisture build up without any shut offs.I am using a tube water trap in a Canmore hybrid bag. Hats off to Rob for this innovative design!
  • Bannatyne Canister System very good, December 1st, 2015
    I have only had the system for about a month and so far I am very pleased with it. The only negative that I have identified to this point are the O rings that are intended to secure the cap onto the cannister - they roll off the cap very easily.I have been looking for a flat, wide strong rubber band that would be much more effective in securing the cap to the cannister.