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Torc CTR10

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Antique Torc Ring CTR10

Available Metal Types:
Sterling Silver, 10K, 14K Yellow and 14K White, 18K Yellow and 18K White Gold. (18K pricing available upon request)

Item Specific Details:
Polished Finish

9.9 - 10  mm approx.

A torc is a rigid circular necklace that is open-ended at the front. 
The ends of ancient torcs bore sculptured ornaments, globes, cubes or animal heads. 
Although most often neck rings, there were also bracelets with this shape. 
Torcs were made from intertwined metal strands. 
It was a sign of nobility and high social status to wear a torc. 
It was awarded to warriors for their deeds in battle and were also a divine attribute. 

This video by Boru Jewelry shows the process of making some of their Celtic Rings

Antique Torc Ring CTR10

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