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Tartan Tribe- Big, Little Band Book

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Tartan Tribe- Big, Little Band Book

This book by Karl Walford is great for those looking for easy to read and play music.
The book also has cartoons made by Karl throughout it.


4/4 Marches
Children's Song, the
Country Canada
Daniel Allan Mulligan
David Johnston
Flowers of Quern, the
Fourty Four Finland Street
Fur and Feathers
Garry Allan Ross
Green Beret, the
Harequin, the
Hanford Brook
Johnny with the Bandy Legs
Keep Your Thunder in a Jar
Kelly Lake Road, the
Kenny MacDonald
Leaving Liverpool
McCarty Street
My Bulawayo Banjo
Pickpocket Road
P/M T.J. Lynas
Radical Rag, a
Silver Buckle, the
Thamesford Pipers, the
Thomas Sander
When Buddha Played the Bagpipe
White Balmoral, the

6/8 Marches
Annie Weir
Algoma Central, the
Billy Weaver's Wonderful Dog
Brockville Military Tattoo, the
Bugle Horn
Curmudgeon, the
Echo Bay
Elm Street Walk About, the
Fowler's Ghost
He Flew with Eagles
Kintor Fall Fair, the
Leaving Lockerby
London City Police, the
Moyra Beckett
Steps of Dundern, the
Tommy's Black Reed
Uncle Tam's Red Cap

2/4 Marches
Birchbark Canoe, the
Dashing White Sergeant, the
Echoes of Byron, the
Janet Laderoute
Linda's Lollie
Long Necked Goose, the
Mairi's Wedding
Marjoie Ann King
Merry Mary
Ode to the Mighty Scot
Penny in the Post, a
P/M Douglas McGany
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
S/L Eric Mulligan. D.F.C
Strawberry Light

Slow Airs
Ashokan Farewell
Bessy Notam Galloway
Black Water
Come By the Hills
Geordie was his Name
Granny's Gin
Irish Whistler, the
Kristen Ann MacKay
Lament for the Fingers
Lassie wi'a Yellow Coatie
Nova Scotia Tolling Song, a
Russian Folk Song, a
Runic Belt, the
Softly Comes the Morning
Susanne's Wedding
Time and Tide
To the Land of Snow
To the Mountain
Until Tomorrow
We can Never go Back
Whaley, Whaley, the Water is Wide

A Caliente Collection
Amazing Grace
Admiral Beatty Hotel, the
Caliente Conspiracy, the
Calthumpian, the
Donna MacKay Duncan
Fuzzy Little Round Thing, a
Hay Ride, the
Hollandia Folk Dance
In the Shadow of the Great One
Just a Darn Minuet eh?
Kathy's Fancy
Lament for Robert the First
Master Shayne Gillcrist
Old King Place, the
Pepper Pot, the
P/M Thomas Graham
Regent Street South
Saint Anne's Reel
Sarsaparilla (Short Medley)
The Tribe

Tartan Tribe- Big, Little Band Book

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