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StroboPLUS HDC Tuner

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StroboPLUS HDC Enjoy the world's best tuner and metronome in one package. The StroboPLUS HDC can be configured manually or with online software to be exactly to your liking!

The StroboPLUS HDC’s 0.1 cent tuning accuracy will tune any instrument with the utmost precision. Featuring a high-definition, multi-color display with variable color LED backlight, the StroboPLUS HDC display can be seen easily across the stage, bench, studio or classroom.

The StroboPLUS HDC comes with over 180 factory preset Sweetened Tunings that cover a wide variety of electric and acoustic instruments. Sweetened Tunings address the specific inharmonicities of the selected instruments to optimize their tuning.

Also included standard are a collection of guided tunings that include popular drop, alternate, artist-specific, and standard string number tunings.

Native compatibility with Peterson Connect allows users to configure and update their StroboPLUS HDC for a personal tuning experience.

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