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Strictly Time II Highland Dancing CD

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Strictly Time II Highland Dancing CD

We are proud to offer highland dance music that is listenable & innovative.  Alan Walter's Strictly Time II features Scottish smallpipes, guitars, & percussion to enhance the feel of the dances. Included are four S.O.B.H.D. championship dances along with some fun arrangements that students can use to create their own dance routines.

Stretch & Warm Up
16 Step Warm-Up Fling
Village Maid (6 steps)
Scottish Lilt (4 steps)
Strathspey & Highland Reel
Seann Triubhas (3&1)
Highland Fling (4 steps)
The Double Derailer
Sword Dance (2&1)
Flora MacDonald's Fancy (4 steps)
Highland Fling (6 steps S.O.B.H.D.)
Sailor's Hornpipe (4 steps)
Blue Bonnets (6 steps)
Sword Dance (4 & 2 S.O.B.H.D.)
Strathspey & Half Tulloch
Irish Jog (6 steps)
Highland Laddie (4 steps)
Seann Triubhas (4&2 S.O.B.H.D.)
Wilt Thou Go To Barracks Johnny (4 steps)
Robert Hutton's Hornpipe
Strathspey, Highland Reel & Half Tulloch (S.O.B.H.D.)
Sailor's Hornpipe (6 Steps)
Full Reed O'Tulloch
Tribute to J.L. Mackenzie

Strictly Time Vol 1 Highland Dancing CD is also available.

Strictly Time II Highland Dancing CD

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