Silver History of Ireland Pendant S4923

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Silver History of Ireland Pendant S4923



Sterling silver disc pendant with History of Ireland Symbols.

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What the Symbols Mean:
Question Mark- The unknown past
St. Patrick- Patron St. of Ireland who changed the course of early history by converting Ireland to Christian religion. He also made the transition from oral to written literature in Ireland.
Round Tower- from the 6th century, Irish people embraced Christianity and great monasteries were build all over.  Each centered around a round tower. 
Vikings-from the 9th-11th century the Vikings repratedly attacked the coast of Ireland. Brian Boru defeated an attempt to control the whole country at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.
Normans- the 12th century saw the invasion of the Normans.  Their leader was Henry II of England. This became an excuse by the Tudors in their attempts at conquest.
Dublin Castle- built in 1204, it became a symbol for Anglo Normans and provoked hostility among the native Irish. 
William of Orange- William was a protestant and defeated his father in law James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.In France it was a setback to King Louis XIV; in England, it was the end of the Stuart Monarchy.  In Ireland, it assured Protestant ascendancy.
Act of Union- In 1800, the Irish parliament was abolished and rule from London began.  Nobody in Ireland wanted the union, but it was forced through bribery and because the English feared the French would invade through Ireland.  The Cross of St. Patrick was added to the Union Jack.
Potato Famine- Potato crops continuallt failed in the 1840's causing widespread famine.  The government failed to alleviate the suffering causing great bitterness. 
Emigration- Due to the famine, Irish emigration rose drastically.  Most went to the USA, many to Canada.  Hostility between England and Ireland grew.
Easter Rising- The Republic of Ireland was proclaimed at the start of the Easter Rising in 1916.  The Easter Rising triggered the War of Independence which brought about the setting up of the modern Irish state.
Republic of Ireland- The treaty of 1921 ended the war of independence and 6 of the counties of Ulster were seperated from the rest of Ireland and became a UK province known as Northern Ireland. The 26 counties became the Irish Free State and in 1948 became known as the Republic of Ireland. 
Question Mark- The Unknown Future.


Silver History of Ireland Pendant S4923




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