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Plain or Diced Glengarry

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Plain or Diced Glengarry

The Plain Glengarries are black in color, and come in various sizes.

The Diced Glengarries are black in color, and come with red, white and black dicing. They are available in various sizes.

These Glengarries are made in Canada.

Sizing: If you are not sure of your head size, the easiest way to figure it out is to take a soft tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. Then divide that number by 3.14. an example would be 22"divided into 3.14 is would be 7.0006, therefore you would need a size 7.

These are special order items and may take 3-4 business days to arrive from our supplier.

Also see the Robert Mackie Glengarry


Plain or Diced Glengarry



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