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McCallum P4 Black Acetyl Bagpipes

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McCallum P4 Black Acetyl Bagpipes

Fully Combed & Beaded Acetyl (poly) with Engraved Ferrules & Ringcaps.

Imitation Ivory projecting mounts, engraved Nickel ferrules, engraved Nickel ringcaps, plastic mouthpiece, with McCallum Plastic Pipe Chanter with no sole.

Available with Celtic, Victorian, Thistle, or Zoomorphic Design.

Pipes come as sticks only.  We recommend set up with Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds, pipe bag, bag cover, & cords.

*All special order items are non-refundable.

Check out this behind the scenes video from McCallum Bagpipes.


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McCallum P4 Black Acetyl Bagpipes

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Pipe Case:
Drone Reeds:
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Braid Trim Color:
Bag Cover:
Pipe Bag:
  Price: $1,399.00 CAD
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