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McCallum Mouthpieces

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Special Order

McCallum Mouthpieces

Various options available:

MP1 Practice Chanter Mouthpiece (Plastic)

MP3 Bagpipe Mouthpiece (Plastic) Various Lengths 3", 4", 5", 6"

MP4 Bagpipe Oval Mouthpiece (Plastic) Various Lengths  3.5", 4.5", 5.5", 6.5"

MP5 Imitation Ivory Bulb and Plain Alloy Tube Mouthpiece

MP6 Full Alloy Mouthpiece, Plastic Tip

MP6G Full Gold Plated Mouthpiece with Plastic Tip

MP7 Imitation Ivory Bulb & Engraved Alloy Tube Mouthpiece

MP8 Full Alloy Engraved Mouthpiece with Plastic Tip

MP8G Full Gold Engraved Mouthpiece with Plastic Tip

MP9 Imitation Ivory Bulb with Engraved Silver Tube

MP10 Full Silver Mouthpiece, Engraved with plastic tip

MP11 Curved Mouthpiece 5.5" (Plastic)

MP12 Mouthpiece with Built in Valve

Please note that these are all special order items which may take a few weeks to arrive.

McCallum Mouthpieces


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