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Kinnaird Wheeled Pipe Case for Bagpipes

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Kinnaird Wheeled Pipe Case for Bagpipes


The Kinnaird Wheeled Pipe Case is a high quality semi-rigid bagpipe case that offers protection, storage room, & straps for carrying, all in a rolling bagpipe case!

Rolling cases are very popular!  The Kinnaird Wheeled Bagpipe Case has a sturdy wheel base and extendable handle so you can easily pull it behind you.  Rolling cases reduce stress and strain on your arms and shoulders.  The rolling case gives you the option of carrying your bag or using it as a backpack but is designed for easy pull behind and maneuverability.

The case is large enough to fit all models of bagpipes.  The large exterior front pocket, end pocket, as well as the zippered interior pocket offer plenty of storage space for: maintenance items, music books, and practice chanters.

The high quality semi-rigid structure is made of a strong polyester exterior with high density padding foam on all sides.  The exterior fabric is also water resistant.

There is a top carrying handle, as well as 2 detachable shoulder straps which can be attached to the case in multiple ways including as backpack straps.


Interior: approx. 23.5" x 8.25" x 7"
Exterior: approx. 26.5" x 10.25" x 8.25"
Handle Extension: approx. 20", making overall height approx. 43.75"

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Kinnaird Deluxe Bagpipe Case with Wheels

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