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Hose, Piper by Gaelic Themes

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Hose, Piper by Gaelic Themes

70% wool and 30% stretch nylon

The turn over section of the sock has the look and texture of the classic "bobble" top, however, as it is integrated into the sock as an extended turn over section, it can be adjusted to meet individual length requirements for each person. The cross stitch section expands for almost 12" (dependent on sock size), which permits the wearer to turn over 3 times to produce a "roll" section at the top of the sock of 4" bulked out, or alternatively to turn over only twice to give a longer look to the turn over section and less bulk.

White and Aran (off-white) available in sizes XS-XL. 

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1x Off White Small
2x White XLarge
2x White XSmall

Hose, Piper by Gaelic Themes

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