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Extra Large Warrior Shield Pendant with 18K Bead WP5B

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Extra Large Warrior Shield Pendant with 18K Bead WP5B

The Celtic Warrior Shield design has become a popular symbol in modern Celtic Jewellery.

Before the 8th Century, Celtic artwork (including metal working, tapestries and jewellery) was majorly influenced by the series of "illuminated manuscripts" that were being made at the time.  The greatest among them was the Book of Kells: a manuscript of the four New Testaments of the Bible with intricate pictures, illustrations and monogrammed letters.  Each page had elaborate illustrations with Celtic know work interlace.

One of the most famous pieces of "treasure" believed to be made at this time was the Ardagh Chalice.  It had been hidden away from the world for centuries until two lucky men found it buried in a field one day while they were digging for potatoes in the mid-nineteenth century.

Up until this point, Celtic culture and heritage had all been all but lost due to the invasion of the Vikings in the early 8th century.  With the re-discovery of the Ardagh Chalice, the Celtic arts were renewed and many artisans based their work on the designs of the Chalice.

The warrior shield pendant comes directly from the look of the chalice and one can tell simply by noting the design.  The chalice has "shield-like" embellishments on it, as well as having zoomorphic (animal) interlace designs.

Available Metal Types:
Sterling Silver & 18K Bead

Item Specific Details:
22" Bell Chain Supplied

35.5 mm approx.


Extra Large Warrior Shield Pendant with 18K Bead WP5B

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