Bagpipe Repair

Bagpipe Repair

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Bagpipe Repair


Rob offers full service bagpipe repair on new and vintage bagpipes.  Rob is a Mechanical Engineer with a special interest in bagpipe repair and maintenance.  He is a piper and drummer. 


Repairs start with a complete assessment of the stocks, drones, blowpipe, finish, mounts, and bores.  

Materials such as replacement stocks and mounts from various manufacturers are stocked.  Rob has CNC lathes on site to manufacture custom parts as needed. 

Hairline crack repairs are $10/pin

Refinishing starts at $150 for the entire set. 

Plastic sleeve Blackwood blowpipe to prevent cracking $50

Remounting ferrules typically $3/ferrule

A repair estimate is sent to the customer for approval before any work is done.


Bagpipe repair requires you ship the entire bagpipe .   We recommend USPS.

See our Bagpipe Repair Frequently Asked Questions.

Bagpipe Repair

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