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Antipodes Volume 2

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Antipodes Vol 2

Compiled by Mark Saul.

There is a lot of modern music in here. Some of the tunes listed in these books have fast become classics in the pipe band idiom.

Ian Lyons Farewell, Major David Hills, The Big Fish, Sub Zero, Bass Face-The Reel B.C.Niven, Brook Hely's Banquet, Charlie Lennon's, The Dairy Maid, The Gondola Wedding, Megalomania, The Railway Tavern, The Reel Fling, Shovel Tongue, The Velocipede, Summer Nocturn, The Yellow Bittern, The Bendigo Jig, Bronni's Blue Brozzi, The Changeling, Fancy Fingers, Joint Venture, Murray's Fancy Jig, Pipe Link '92, The Techno Fiend, Acid Piper Remix, The Blair Highlanders, The Bulgarian Bandit, Daryl Boyle, Master Blasters, Rhythmic Amnesia, Uphold the Right, Murray's Fancy, Steam Train to Mallaig


Antipodes Vol 2

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