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"if you ever need a testimonial about your drone reeds I'm your man!  I finished out my Professional competition career on a set of your regular (round cone) reeds - easy strength with low pitched bass.  These are still played in my vintage Silver and Ivory Henderson's and are still steady as a rock.  I've had numerous positive comments from fellow competitors and judges on the sound of my pipes - particularly the drones.  In the last contest I played, Rob Wallace was the judge and wrote about my pipe in a review of the contest in Piping Press saying that it was the "bagpipe of the day and would have graced any platform in Scotland including those at Inverness and Oban - steady, smooth and rich."   I've turned a number of folks onto your drone reeds through the years and feel that they are really the standard-setter of synthetic/carbon fiber reeds.  They have never let me down, and as a player in my 50s now the fingers may not do what they once did in my 20's and 30's but the pipe is as good or better than ever....and that set of drone reeds is now almost 10 years old! - Bill Caudill, Vice-President EUSPBA, Dec 2021.

"I ordered my electronic chanter and it was smooth and painless.  I ordered wondering if it would get to me in time for a trip I was taking so I emailed hoping for a quick response.  Boy did I get one!  In no time I was able to complete payment and get express shipping, with the chanter shipping the same day.  Customer service is unparalleled!  I'm loving my Deger II chanter and will definitely be a long time customer." - EK P, Dec 2018

"I've never been more confident buying online.  Fast and timely service is the worst case, best case they'll save the day and act like it's nothing. The only online retailer I've used that's never disappointed me." - James H, Dec 2018

"Excellent customer service. Very patient with newbies to piping.  Great assortment of supplies. It's wonderful when they test a product you need to find the best or most suitable for your kid.  Bit above that, the quality of Kinnaird products is spectacular." - Tina S, Nov 2018

"Friendly and knowledgeable service! Great selection of products and always answer any questions or inquiries in a quick and friendly manner." -Steven P, Nov 2018

"Excellent company to deal with! Great customer service, and love the products!!" - Annie M, Nov 2018

"Kinnaird was great providing guidance advice and recommendations.  As a noob to the bagpiper world, getting honest advice and guidance is priceless!  Highly recommended." - Rona, Nov 2018

"Excellent customer service.  They will always take the time to answer your questions.  Shipping has always been fast." - Adam L, Nov 2018

"Having ordered with Kinnairds for the band (and personally) for years (especially after we got to meet Rob in person) we have found that they are extremely well versed in their product line up and the expertise extendes also into their great customer service.  Definitely recommend anybody if you're curious about them to give them a call, they can walk you through your purchase easily." - Ryan M, Nov 2018

"We recently used Kinnaird Bagpipes to purcahse a full complement of practice equipment for our 26 member band.  They were friendly, informative and very helpful during the ordering process.  For individual orders the shipping was extremely fast arriving in 2 days.  Highly recommended! Thank you Shelley." - Iain T, Nov 2018

"Great friendly service.  They carry a large selection of quality piping products. I will continue to do business with Kinnaird Bagpipes for a long time." - Nathan G, July 2018

"I have made several purchases from Kinnaird over this past year.  Great customer service and I will buy more from them in the future!" - Gary K, Dec 2016

"I would like to say thank you for your great service and the great set of pipes that I purchased from you.  They are exactly what I was looking for and they sound incredible. It was a pleasure doing business with you." -George D, March 2016

"I just purchased these Kinnaird Evolution’s from Henderson’s last fall and they brought my pipes back to life! These are awesome drone reeds.  I love them. I do a lot of solo performances and these have made my drones standout. I play D Nail pipes with an D Nail competition chanter and no other drone reeds have been able to keep up or compete with the chanter." - Scott F., May 2015

'Love the new Kinnaird evolution drone reeds.' -Brett S., April 2015

"The drone reeds came with my used pipes. But I wouldn't hesitate to put them in my next set. They have worked flawlessly for me so far." -Douglas C., April 2015

"I am now advertising my teaching services to Western Canada via Skype. It will be my pleasure to recommend Kinnaird to my future students for supplies" -Earl C., April 2015

"I have enjoyed working with your staff when placing a phone order. When I order online out is an easy and stress free process." -Elaine Y., April 2015

"I look forward to a long relationship with Kinnaird" -Paul M., April 2015

"Service is excellent and I know I can always count on delivery within a day or two. I'm always kept up to date on my order even if back ordered." -Iain G., April 2015

"Whenever I have phoned, I have received friendly, helpful service, and timely response to orders." -John M., April 2015

"I initially heard about Kinnaird by way of "word of mouth" from other pipers. Since then the internet site has been one of my favorites" -Roderick B., April 2015

"I was so happy to get the drone reeds. They made a big difference in helping me learn. Thank you." -Randall D.M., April 2015

"This is my first dealings with Kinnaird bagpipes and reeds and so far the experience has been a very enjoyable and hassle free one" -John M., April 2015

"I’m confident that as I get the chance to try more Kinnaird products I will enjoy them as much as the products I have tried." -Ryan H., April 2015

"Keep up the good work! I've benefited a lot from your products and services in both the practice room and on stage." -Pierre B., April 2015

"Reeds are easy to play and consistently steady." Jim Y., April 2015

"One thing that got my attention about your site when I first found it was your development of the Piper's Pal systems. It set you apart from any number of suppliers who, whatever the quality of their products, were only that - suppliers, not innovators. You have solved some real-world problems. Personally, I like inventors." -James B., April 2015

"I just want to compliment you on your excellent bass drone reed. I put in an original style Kinnaird regular bass reed in my Dunfions today for the first time and, after making a few adjustments, I am amazed at the sound. The bass reed blends well with my Ezeedrone tenors, and they are very steady. Start-up and cut-off are just right. Thank you for making a great product."  -Dan W., June 2014

"Have tried most makes of reeds finally found your reeds by recommendation from other pipers, every other make of reed that I have tried were not satisfactory, going off tune, not matching on tenor drones, double toning etc. I assembled your reeds according to the instructions supplied, Made minor adjustments, and have had no trouble since." -William B., April 2014

"Great customer service & products, I'm very impressed with both aspects overall.  I will be a long time customer." -Forrest R., April 2014

"Your store is top of the list as my go-to for piping supplies and more - and have been a great help to someone jumping back into piping who doesn't have the resources 'down the street' like someone living in a major center." -Ryan H., April 2014

"We are so lucky in the piping/drumming world to have someone like Rob K. who can fix anything and teach.  Your staff has always been excellent when I call and service fantastic. " -Jody R., April 2014

"Brilliant drone reeds, played these on our croft at Uig on the Isle of Skye in the heartland of the bagpipe after swapping them for my 'Shepherds' and, somehow, despite the modern technology of the product they have a tone which seems to summon centuries long gone. wonderfully powerful and haunting strangely in touch with the past with a 'bombproof' reliability. great, great product." - David Deamer, July 2012

"Wanted to let you know that I received my blowpipe today and how pleased I am with it.  It is perfect and to let Rob know that I am very happy with the quality workmanship.  I would not hesitate to have my pipes worked on/repaired via Kinnaird's.  Thank you!" -William, June 2012

"If I have piping students, I always refer them to Kinnairds for bagpipes and piping supplies.  I like that Kinnairds understands and encourages new comers to the bagpipes. I especially like that every new set of bagpipes are set up with reeds properly, often with "extra perks" and always available instruction and questions answered if required." - online survey April 2012

"Everyone that I know that has worked with you has had a positive result.  Thanks! Thanks for standing behind your products." -online survey, April 2011

"When I was changing from a hide to a synthetic bag, I appreciated getting a very informative email response from Rob answering my questions.  I purchased a Bannatyne bag which I am very happy with" -online survey, April 2011

"I never need to worry that you guys will "lose" my order or take too long to ship it. The speed and efficiency is fantastic." -online survey, April 2011

"Whenever possible I get members of my pipe band to switch to your drone reeds.  It makes my job of setting up the sound so much easier, as they never fail, are rock solid, and are so low maintenance. Virtually plug and play." -online survey April 2011

"this is great. I pulled the reeds out of the box, seated them, fired up and after 30 seconds of tuning I was playing away.....unbelievable! Been messing with EzeeDrone reeds unsuccessfully for a month. Well done and thanks!!" -Sandy Spenceley, July 2011

"The new reeds came on line this morning in a manner of minutes.  They are absolutely superb.  I found myself listening to the drones; they were a beautiful sound in themselves with not a vestigial trace of harshness- and that after only a few minutes.  Even better the four reeds worked together in a way I have never heard.  The drones blended to perfection, but they also included the chanter.  Normally there are the drones and the chanter is separate and on top; here they worked together and it was very beautiful.  It was very musical indeed.  Thank you for this."  -John Kidd, Oct 2010

"Received the mouthpiece that I ordered yesterday... this morning!  This is outstanding service, and I sincerely appreciate your prompt attention to my relatively small order." - Bill Ramsay, Sept 1 2010

"From bagpipe supplies, to personal gift supplies, I an definitely count on this shop to meet my Scottish Cultural needs!!! I used to have to order supplies from overseas, but not any more!!" -Online Survey April 2010

"Great personal service.....and intelligent, informed staff!!!" -Online Survey April 2010

"I have only good things to say about my experiences with you. I have recommended you to people from as far away as Chile. I am originally from Nova Scotia and have also highly recommended you to anybody who listens." -online survey April 2010

"I appreciate the great service. I always feel Kinnaird's goes to great lengths to deliver the items I need quickly." -online survey April 2010

"I love both sets of my Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds! They're amazing! Best reeds I've ever played" -Online Survey April 2010

"I just wanted to let you know that we received our wedding rings today. They are beautiful:) Thank you so much for the prompt and courteous service…it was much appreciated and the rings are even better than I could have imagined!!! -Carol Edwards, May 2010

"Yesterday morning I phoned in an order for various pipe maintenance items and a set of Kinnaird drone reeds.  The sales clerk was very courteous and helpful and, as a result, it took no time at all to complete the order.   I was then pleasantly surprised to receive the items today (barely 24hrs later) in the mail. 
I just want to say, well done on the first class service that you provide.   I'll definitely be recommending you to other people in the piping world. Cheers" - Eddy Hodgson, March 2010

"I just received a set of your regular carbon fiber drone reeds after ordering them from Henderson Imports.  They were recommended by several pipers I respect as replacements for my worn reeds, and I wanted to tell you they are NICE. Popped them in, adjusted to my cranky old Tweedies and my blowing, and they struck in, shut off and sounded great in between.  Easiest reed replacement I've ever done on those finicky pipes.  Can't wait to try them in my newer pipes to see how they do.  Thanks for a good product that lives up to its hype."  -Gloria Culp, March 2010

"Some time ago i was in contact with you regarding your carbon fibre drone reeds for my 1996 Warnock Pipes. Well, I purchased a set and I am very impressed. They are rock steady and sound great. other pipers in the band have passed comments on the rich sound of my drones, and have thought that they were cane. Warnock pipes are made here in my home town of Cookstown,Northern Ireland. I bought the regular reeds as you suggested. Just thought i would pass on the good news for your information. You make a brilliant reed, and thanks for the playing experience. i will keep on telling others about your reeds. Thanks again. -Roland Allen, May 2009

"I just thought I´d take the opportunity and comment on your Kinnaird Drone Reeds.  I now have two sets, and I must say that so far they are definitely the best overall synthetic Reeds I've tried. And I've tried a few. They have a rich and well balanced sound. They are very steady and air efficient and give the best cut-offs of any synthetics I've tried."  -John Follin May 2009

"I recently purchased a carbon fibre drone reed from you.  It has made an incredible difference to the sound of the drones.  I am also pleased that I cannot overblow it which has been a bad habit of mine.  I just wanted to say thank you for a superior product."  -Bill McCracken March 2009

"I am on cloud 9 right now, and I hope I never come down.  I have been a pipe student for over a year now.  I started on a set of Pettigrews, and recently switched to McCallums.  From the time I started on the pipes, I have had to use crutches with regard to my drones.  Under my right arm, the crutch known as "Drone Reed Extenders."  Under the Left, the crutch know as "Drone Valves."   As of tonight, I have been freed from them both!!!  I have tried playing two other brands of drone reeds without my crutches, the results were more than disasterous (and it's not because I have gotten stronger or my playing has become steadier; I tried to go without my crutches with Major Brand X two days ago, same horrid results).  I thought that I would just use the bass drone reed at first for about a week or so, because I thought I would have to get used to them one at a time.  So I put in the bass reed, set it up per the instructions on your website, and put it in with no reed extender.  I blew up my bag, tried to strike in....no sound.  I knew it had to be the valve.  Blew the bag up again, got a hoot out of it so I knew it would sound.  I struck in my pipes and was amazed at the sound.  After playing a tune, it was like a drug; I was like "I gotta have more."  So I put in the outside tenor, no extender, and no valve, pure magic! I could barely contain myself.  Then I decided to go all the way, all the time thinking to myself "there's no way I'll be able to keep them going, or have clean strike-ins and cut-offs. Not with all three of them in and no valves.  Especially since I had a few drinks and was feeling extra relaxed (usually when I don't play so well).  I blew up my pipebag, struck them in and was instantly transported to Tone Nirvana!  I just kept playing and playing, by the end...there were tears streaming down my cheeks, I kid you not; I was that happy!  It felt exactly like I had been on crutches the past year and a half, and then suddenly I was free from them...unfettered...unburdened!  I was free to march bravely forward into my piping journey!  Even as I'm writing this, all I can think about is band practice this coming Monday, striking in my pipes, and knowing all the other students with be thinking..."Man, Andy got ahold of some Tone..." Thank you Kinnaird!!!"  -Andrew Bryan April 2009

"You make an extremely warm sounding reed and I love playing them....When I saw a fellow Canadian machining reeds, I had to go for it and they sound out of this world.  I'm so happy with your products. "  -Rick Fessenden Jan.1, 2008

"I have been playing a set of your reeds for a short while. In the past I was a dedicated Rocket reed user. I am now playing an easy set with the lower tuning bass on in my Blackwood Dunbar pipes.   I am writing to tell you that I have never played a better reed, and I have tried everything. These reeds have great tone, were easy to set up and are the most air efficient I have ever played. I could not be happier and have ended my search for the best reed.   If I need to buy another set it will be Kinnaird."  -  Dave Gallagher   February 2008

"I'm very impressed with your service and I will recommend Kinnaird to all the members of our piping school. It's refreshing to see such good customer care." - G. Cesari  March 2008

"Best drone reeds on the planet!" -online survey April 2008

"I've always been happy with your service.  The Kinnaird Kanister is the simplest moisture control system I've used." - Online survey March 29, 2007

"I am enjoying your little bits of history in your emails as well as the date pad.  I use some of the info for my students. I always try to bring in a bit of Scottish History and related Clan backgrounds during my lessons. Other items, like this week's sporran are great. Keep up the good work. I know other members of our band do read your articles."- online survey

"These are the best drone reeds I have ever used, and I have been playing the pipes for 50 years" -online survey

"It's always been a delight in dealing with anyone at Kinnaird's whenever I've needed to order something or have had a question about some matter. Your prices are competitive and everyone that I have ever had contact with, either on the phone or via email, has been very helpful." -online survey

"I haven't purchased anything on line,but met with folks from your store at the Highland Games in Ellerslie. The information that I got was invaluable in terms of new products and the pro's and con's of each (bag type). I ended up buying some things and have yet to make the leap to a zipper pipe bag.

Love the web site/newsletter and we have a person in the band who has attended the piping camp. It comes highly recommended. Hope to see you in the future. " -online survey

"I was so impressed by the product I ordered and the speed it was sent to me. You will definitely get my business in the future when I need products, again thank you." -online survey

"When looking for a set of pipes a couple of years ago,your company came very highly recommended for both product and service.   Glad I listened to their advice! I continue to be very pleased with my pipes and subsequent purchases." -online survey

"Rob really listened to my concerns about getting a pipe reed with comfortable strength that sounded good. It is so nice to have genuine help. I will continue to recommend you to my students." -online survey

"You were very helpful in making the blow stock piece for me. I was very impressed in how fast you returned e-mails. You do great custom work and repairs, have used you twice and was very pleased." -online survey

"Your lower bass is the best bass reed I've ever used, and I've tried about everything out there, including cane.  It has the richness of cane, with unsurpassed steadiness.  I have a set of 1920 Robertsons and the difference the lower bass made was incredible.  :)  "   -Hope, May 2008