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Walsh Mouth Blown Small Pipes

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Walsh Mouth Blown Small Pipes

Mouthblown Smallpipe in the Key of A or D. Made entirely from plastic for minimal maintenance. The drone reeds are synthetic and are “built into” the bottom of each drone. This ensures that they will never fall into the bag. The chanter reed is also synthetic so it resists the effects of moisture from your breath. Velveteen Bag cover available in black, navy, dark green, and burgandy. No trim.

The D chanter is similar in size to the childs practice chanter.

The A/D Combo set comes with 2 separate chanters.  The combination drone works as a D bass drone and an A baritone drone.

We have 2 sets in stock in the key of A: 1 with burgundy cover and 1 with green cover. 

Walsh Smallpipes Chanter Reeds are also available.

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Walsh Mouth Blown Small Pipes

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