Why Choose Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds?


The Kinnaird Carbon Fibre drone reeds are the best made reeds on the market today, and also one of the most expensive. Although the initial cost is higher than some other reeds, the quality and features more than make up for the price in the long term.

First, the sound of the reeds is second to none; they are the most cane-like sound available today. Many top level players are switching to these reeds as the sound is superior and more stable than other reeds. The reeds, once set up, will last considerably longer than plastic tongue reeds since the tongues will not fatigue. We “curve” the tongue instead of bending, which reduces the stress at the tongue just behind the bridle (where the fatigue cracks initiate). We also provide a very high level of customer service. We serialize each and every set of reeds and record all of the manufacturing information. If down the road, a customer needs parts, set-up assistance, or troubleshooting, we can track down the original set-up of the reeds for reference. Finally, the carbon fibre tongues are durable and have proven to stand the kid test where plastic tongue reeds bend. The stiffness of the carbon fibre also helps minimize pitch fluctuation with unsteady blowing.
Compared to other carbon fibre drone reeds, the Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds are the only ones with a curved tongue. This generates a sound closer to cane than any other reed. The tongues are molded into the proper curve and not heat bent in a jig. This provides improved manufacturing consistency and superior matching of the tenor reeds.

We offer 4 styles of Drone Reeds:
• Regular (suitable for most older pipes)
• Lower Pitch Bass (suitable for most newer pipes such as Naill)
• Regular Easy (We have found this is suitable for very young or old players or those with health problems such as asthma.)
• Lower Pitch Bass Easy

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