Deger Electronic Chanter


The Deger II Electronic Chanter is a great way to practice your tunes quietly. It is small enough to take to the office, in the car, on a plane, anywhere that you may want to practice without setting up your pipes.

It is the same size and has the same finger spacing as a long practice chanter. You can connect headphones, or speakers directly into the Deger so that you can play for yourself or for others. It is possible to connect the phones output to an amplifier or stereo as well. It has the authentic bagpipe sound including drones generated by wavetable sound synthesis. The crystal oscillator and microprocessor control provide a perfectly tuned chanter scale and drones. You can adjust the pitch so that you can play along with other instruments. The drones volume is variable and can be switched off. You can also switch between the sounds of Highland Pipes and Small Pipes. An extended chromatical scale is available so you can play tunes which you can not play on a real pipe chanter. There is a metronome integrated within the chanter.

The MIDI output allows you to use it with other MIDI equipment.

One battery will give you up to 100 playing hours. After a minute of no activity, it will shut itself off.

The new design of the Deger II has better sensors and better sound quality. There are no restrictions to using MIDI and phones at the same time. You can also play Vibrato.

The chanter contains everything you need including the batteries and earphones.

What better way to practice your piping than with a Deger II Electronic Chanter!

Deger II

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