Trouble Shooting Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds


This article addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds.

1. Double Toning- The reed is not getting enough air pressure. The most likely reason is that the reed is set up too strong. Move the bridle towards the vibrating end of the reed to make it easier. Another issue may be air restriction to the stock. There may be a build up of seasoning in the bottom of the stock or a drone valve or enhancer may be too restrictive. Remove the valve or enhancer to see if it solves the problem. Check their instructions to adjust them so that they take less pressure to open. Canister systems can also cause restrictions. Check that all hoses are not kinked or leaking and that the canister is not too close to the bag restricting airflow.

2. Squealing- The reed tongue could be too short. Lengthening the tongue should fix it. If not, there may be some debris underneath the tongue. Clean under the tongue by inserting a dollar bill or business card under the tongue and dragging it out the side, while applying gentle pressure to the top of the tongue. You can also remove the tongue and clean the tongue and bed of the reed with warm soapy water.

3. Drones Shutting Off- Often the reeds are set up too easy or there is excess moisture. If the reeds are too easy, move the bridle away from the vibrating end of the tongue to make them stronger. If the reed is fine when you start, but shuts down after playing for a while, it is likely a moisture issue. Insert a dollar bill or business card underneath the tongue to absorb some of the moisture. You can also remove the nose cone and put a pipe cleaner up the bore of the reed & in the end of the nose cone. Dry out the bores with a cotton brush. Moisture control systems are great solutions and come in a variety of styles.

4. Make sure that your reeds are installed correctly. Many issues are due to improper set up. Full set up instructions for Kinnaird drone reeds and their replacement parts can be found on the FAQs portion of our website.

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