Pipe Band Drum Tips for beginners


For beginners just starting with pipe band drumming, it is important to know that drumsticks for pipe bands are different than the ones used for rock and roll, jazz, or classical music. Pipe band sticks are much thicker than the above listed (up to 7/8" diameter) and are most often made from maple. Maple is a hard wood but very light which allows the sticks to be quite thick without being too heavy. These sticks are available in different weights but it is recommended to use a stick that weighs 56 to 64 grams. It is also common for drummers to choose a heavier stick to practice with in order to build up their endurance.

The most popular brand of sticks among drummers is the Premier KP2, also the favoured stick of many Grade 1 drum corps. Premier also manufactures a KP3 model which is heavier weight than the KP2. As far as weight goes, it is better for beginners to start with a heavier stick to learn how to maintain stick control when drumming. Lighter sticks bounce more and are more often used by the experienced drummers. But this is all personal preference; no set rules or guidelines to follow here.

The only other thing that you would really need to get started (besides the drum, but that's another topic) is a practice pad. The most common brand of these is the Hugh Cameron 10" Practice Pad. This pad is available in soft, medium, and hard. The soft practice pads provide more bounce, while a medium would require more work from the drummer.

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