Trinity Knot


The Trinity Knot, or Triquetra, is one o f the most common Celtic knots. Latin  for three cornered, the word Triquetra originally meant  triangle and referred to  various three cornered shapes.   It now refers to a more specific shape.The symbol predates Christianity and is believed to be a Celtic symbol of a Goddess.  It appears often in  Insular art (produced post-Roman history in the British Isles), in metal work and in illuminated manuscripts, like the Book of Kells.

Although the exact meaning of the symbol is disputed, all agree that it's the joining of three. There are many interpretations:
-Father, Son, Holy Ghost
-Mind, Body, Spirit
-Past, Present, Future
-Earth, Sea, Sky
-Mother, Daughter, Grandmother
-and more.

Occasionally, the trinity knot contains a circle to emphasize the unity of the three items.

Trinity Knot

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