Selecting Style of Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds


Recommended Style of Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reed

-All Styles are available in Regular or Easy Strength

Make of BagpipeStyle of Kinnaird Drone Reeds
CE Kron- USA: Lower Pitch
David Naill Bagpipes- Scotland: Lower Pitch
Dunfion- Scotland: Lower Pitch
Gibson Bagpipes- USA: Regular Pitch
Gillander's  & McLeod- Scotland: Regular Pitch
Hardie: Regular Pitch
Grainger & Campbell: Regular Pitch
Henderson: Regular Pitch
Inveran- Scotland: Regular Pitch
Kilberry Bagpipes- Scotland: Regular Pitch
Kintail- Scotland: Regular Pitch
Lawries: Regular Pitch
MacLellan Bagpipes- USA: Regular Pitch
MacLeod: Regular Pitch
MacPherson Bagpipes- Scotland: Lower Pitch
McCallum Bagpipes- Scotland: Lower Pitch
Murray Bagpipes- Scotland: Regular Pitch
Morton Bagpipes- Canada: Regular Pitch
Robertson: Regular Pitch
Shepherd & Son- Scotland: Lower Pitch
Sinclair & Son- Scotland: Regular Pitch
Somers Bagpipes- Canada: Regular Pitch
Stark: Regular Pitch
Strathmore: Regular Pitch
Wallace: Regular Pitch

* This is not an exhaustive list of all makes of bagpipes. If the make of your
bagpipe is not listed above, please call Rob Kinnaird for his recommendations.

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