Piper's Pal Alert Indicator Cap Instructions


You can upgrade your Piper's Pal Reed Protector with the New Piper's Pal Alert Indicator Cap:

To activate the Piper's Pal Alert indicator cap, remove the black activated carbon disc from the cap and fill the cap with water. Wait for the water to be absorbed (~1/2 hour).  Once the water is absorbed, replace the black disc.  To install the Piper's Pal Alert indicator cap, unscrew and remove both clear trays from the top of your Piper's Pal Reed Protector.  With the indicator dial facing down, screw the new Piper's Pal Alert indicator cap onto the black reed protector body.

After a while, the indicator needle will settle in the blue "Optimum" area.  This means that the Piper's Pal Alert is working and your reed is protected.  Over time, the indicator needle will move to the "Add Water/Recharge" area.  When this happens, remove the indicator cap and black disc.  Add a little water to the cap and leave standing until the water is absorbed and re-install.  This will bring the needle back to the "Optimum" area. 

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