Kilt Measurement Instructions


Kilt Measurement Instructions

Measure your WAIST. Don't be shocked as you wear your kilt higher than your pants therefore the measurement is usually more. For example, 36 waist for pants = 37-38 for a kilt
To measure the SEAT (hip), take your wallet or any other articles out of your pockets. Put the measuring tape around your seat at the widest part. Put your hand in behind the tape. This will give you a larger measure than what your actual seat is, but this is what we need.

· Roll up one pant leg
· Kneel down onto the floor, body straight (don't look down).
· Have someone mark your knee with a pen. The mark should be 1 inch from the floor.
· YOU then stand up. Your friend will stay kneeling and then feel for the top of your hipbone. They will then, in line with your hipbone, bring the top of the tape around to the front of your body in line with the mark on your knee.
For e.g.: a 6 foot male kilt length should be approximately 23 inches. Our kilt maker will then add on what is called a rise. The rise is the part of the kilt which is above the buckles. This can be 1.5 to 3 inches depending if the kilt is for a lady or regimental.

Kilt Measuring

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