Instructions for Piper's Pal Alert


Instructions for Piper’s Pal Alert

Piper’s Pal Alert consists of a reed protector, screw-on indicator cap, and a sealing rod to isolate the reed from the chanter bore.

To activate the Piper’s Pal Alert, turn the reed protector so that the indicator cap faces down.  Unscrew the reed protector from the indicator cap.  Remove the black activated carbon disc from the cap and fill the cap with water and wait for the water to be absorbed (~½ hour). Once the water is absorbed, replace the black disc, and screw the reed protector back onto the indicator cap.  Ensure all water is absorbed or drained before using.

To use the Piper’s Pal Alert, place the reed protector over the reed in the chanter and tighten the thumbscrew.  Insert the sealing rod gently up through the bottom of the chanter until it is positioned above the finger holes.  Do not force the rod.  A light seal is all that is required.  After a while, the indicator needle will settle in the blue “Optimum” area.  This means that the Piper’s Pal Alert is working and your reed is protected.  Over time, the indicator needle will move to the “Add Water/Recharge” area. When this happens, remove the indicator cap and black disc.  Add a little water to the cap and leave standing until the water is absorbed and re-install. This will bring the needle back to the “Optimum” area.

If your reed is very wet from playing, dry it off before using the reed protector.  Leave the rod out to allow the reed to dry if mold forms.

A Recharge Kit is recommended annually to keep the humidity control system working optimally.  Contact your piping supplier for details.

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