Highland Dress Instructions


Highland Dress:

-The kilt hose (socks) should be 2 to 3 fingers below the knee cap.
-There should be consistent length on the individual’s sock turnover (at least 3-4 finger widths). The outside pattern of the sock should be shown on the turnover.
-Tops of hose should be level and of equal height from deck all the way round.

Sgian Dubhs
-The Sgian Dubhs (black knife) is normally worn down the right sock, although a left handed person could wear it on the left leg. Only the top inch should show above the sock.

-Clean, and polished if necessary.
-The sporran should be centered to the front of the kilt, 3 fingers or hand’s breadth below the waist belt buckle. Be careful that it does not hang too low.
-The strap goes through the loops on the back of the kilt under the waist belt.
-This does not apply to drummers, who need to wear the sporran to the side while playing their drums. However, when not playing, drummers are expected to wear the sporran in front of the kilt.

-Clean, no wrinkles, brushed free from dust or lint.
-Military pins should be worn on the left pocket overlap, on the right hand personal side.
-Poppies on Remembrance Day are to be worn on the personal left side pocket.
(over the heart)

-The bottom point of tie should at least touch the top of the kilt, or be worn inside the top of the kilt.

-Top of the pin to be aligned with the bottom edge of pocket flap.

-Buckle should be centered at front of body. Worn firm to the body, over the sporran strap, but not through the kilt loops. Worn level from front to back of body, either lying at the top of the kilt, or one finger width down from top edge of the kilt.

-To tie the laces on the Brogue, cross the laces, pull them tight in a simple knot. Then twist three times and pull tight again to create a vertical thong. Now pass the laces around the back of the ankle and bring to the front and tie a normal bow, the remaining lace and toggles should hang to the front.
- Clean and Polished

-These should be worn on the outside of the leg, bringing the sock turnover down to cover half the double loop of the flash.
-Ironed flat, so as they lie flat on the side of the leg, worn at equal length below bottom of hose roll. The flashes are to be worn half way between the leg front and leg’s immediate side.

Kilt pin
-The kilt pin would be worn approximately 4” up, and 3” in from right hand side of kilt front apron. The bulged part of the pin is downward on the kilt.

-A kilt closes right apron to left buckle through the hole and fastened to the left buckle. The left apron to the right fastened the waist and hip buckles, fringed edge and kilt pin to the right. The Kilt should come to the centre of your knees and sit well up on your natural waist. When fastening the waist, if the tartan
lines pulls you have it too tight, let it rest on your hips. The pleats should be at the back of the kilt.
-The hem of kilt should just touch the floor, when the individual kneels down).

-Ribbons should be wrinkle free (should lie flat: therefore must be ironed)
-The Glen is worn with its point in line with the nose , cocked to the right , 1” (2 fingers) above left eyebrow and ½ “ ( 1 finger) above right eyebrow. (do not wear on the back of the head)

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James Macmillan

August 937, 2020 at 12:51 pm

A couple of things: NEVER wear a tartan tie with a kilt. Many say a belt should not be worn with a waistcoat. I tend to agree. Short sleeve shirts with waistcoat? I don't think so. WHY tuck the sporran strap under the waist belt? I have worn a sporran for over 50 years and it neve fell off. The sporran should be free to be rotated to the side, as in drummers - and when going for a pee! Glen ribbons - cover with a cloth before ironing or they will go shiny. Brogues - your description is only one of many ways to tie these. Cheers!

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