Chanter and Drone Reed Trouble Shooting Guide


Drone Reed Troubleshooting Guide

Reed Squeals
1. Bridle is too tight.- Re tie bridle looser.
2. Tongue is too heavy.- Shave reed tongue.
3. Reed is curved up too far.-  Move bridle back, slide paper under curved section and push end of tongue to straighten.

Reed Double Tones
Tongue too open or curved. -Move bridle up or straighten with paper. Make bridle wider.

Reed Rough and Unstable.
Reed sprung too far open. Bridle tied too loosely. -Move bridle back and spring tongue. Retie bridle tighter.

Reed too weak.
Reed closed up. Move bridle back and spring tongue.


Chanter Reed Troubleshooting Guide

Double Tone on F
Mouth size too large or small. -Pinch open or closed with mandrel.
Blades too long. -Shorten reed with knife.

Flat F
Mouth too large. -Pinch closed.
Reed too long. -Shorten with knife.

Sharp F
Too much cane on tongues. -Shave blades.
Mouth too small. -Open with mandrel.

High G sharp, top hand thin -Scrape upper centre of blades

High A Flat -Sand top ¼” of lips lightly.

High A Sharp -Sand tip of reed.

Top Hand Sharp -Scrape top 1/5 of blades.

Bottom Hand Flat -Scrape above binding on tone box.

Reed too Hard.
Mouth too open. -Pinched closed or squeeze staple.
Too much cane on tongues.- Scrape sides of blades.

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