Bannatyne Pipe Bag Installation


Bannantyne Zipper Pipe Bag

Before closing your Pipe Bag for the first time it is very important that you lubricate the teeth of the Zip with
the grease supplied with your bag. This allows the teeth to mesh together, completing the seal and providing a smooth slide during closing without the need to tug. At the end of the slide the slider will click in place. There is no need for an extra tug.

1. Squeeze a small amount of grease from the tube onto your finger and sparingly apply the grease along
the whole length of the zip and into the home position.
2. At the open end of the zip place one hand firmly on the bag and with the other hand pull the slider
gently home. Open and close the zip 3 or 4 times and then wipe off the excess grease from the outside of the closure.
3. Your bag is now ready to use. It may be necessary to repeat the lubrication process from time to time.
By following this process you will reduce the amount of pressure applied to the zip area and assist in
prolonged bag life


Through the open Zipper push your stocks into place through the Star fabric of the collars using a little soapy liquid around the collars making it a little bit easier to push the drones into position.
An '0' ring is supplied for the chanter stock, which is to be placed into the groove of the stock and pushed into a firm position within the neck. The seal is completed by wrapping insulation tape over the '0' ring and onto the stock. Finally using the Jubilee Clip provided, tighten over the '0' ring.
Attach the Water Retention Sleeve to the mouthpiece stock and position the sleeve to the back of the bag.
After prolonged playing remove the sleeve from the bag and dry overnight.

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