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Heart Knot Love Spoon

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Heart Knot Love Spoon


Hearts represent love in all its many aspects and they are also seen as symbolising having heart, the power of courage and will. To the ancient Egyptians it was the heart, rather than the brain, which was seen as the organ that held the person's mind and soul. Heart knots are a rather recent addition to Celtic symbolism. Hearts as symbols of love date from the later medieval period but became an established part of the Celtic repertoire in the last decade of the 20th century. 

A Lovespoon is a typically wooden spoon decoratively carved that was traditionally presented as a gift of romantic intent. The spoon is normally decorated with symbols of love, and was intended to reflect the skill of the carver.

Made of pewter.

Width: 24mm Length: 122mm


Heart Knot Love Spoon

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