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HBT2 Highland Bagpipe Tuner

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HBT2 Highland Bagpipe Tuner

by Murray Blair.

An upgrade from the popular HBT1 and now with an onboard speaker for the metronome, the multifunctional HBT2 bagpipe tuner is designed exclusively for the Highland Bagpipes. The tuner correctly displays the pitch of chanter to harmonise with the drones while also displaying the note, frequency, calibration frequency and pitch position.  It's easy to use for pipers of any standard and makes tuning easy.

It's faster (around 20 milliseconds) in response time, has greater detection compatibility for drones (short bodied bass reeds), the cache clears faster after a note is detected and there's a speaker for the metronome.  It also operates on new software platform and is very solid in performance.

The HBT2 bagpipe tuner features 5 individual modes- Highland Bagpipe chanter, Drone, Metronome, Tone Generator and Chromatic. 

The HBT2 offerse amazing accuracy +/-1 cent (Hz) and a response speed of >20ms- super fast!

-Tuning range: 430-499 Hz
-Internal & External microphone
-Accuracy +/- 1 cent
-Response time >20ms
-Metronome range 30-230 BPM
-Audio output: 3.5mm jack and speaker
-Power: 3V, 2 * 1.5v AAA
-Dimensions: 98mm (L) * 64mm (W) * 15mm (H)
-Suppied with the special Bagpipe Clip microphone, earphone and batteries
-1 Year Warranty

Compare the HBT2 to the new HBT3:

HBT2 Highland Bagpipe Tuner

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