Bellows Blown Reel Pipes

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Bellows Blown Reel Pipes


Reelpipes in A (440) with bellows and a finest quality hide bag made by master bag maker, Lawrence Thompson.

With a softer, somewhat sweeter tone than the Highland pipes, Reelpipes can be played to great effect with other instruments. For Highland pipers, the fingering is the same and the bellows action is relatively simple to master.

Fred Morrison’s Reelpipes are finished with engraved nickel silver in a choice of four designs: Celtic, Thistle, Zoomorphic, or Victorian. 

The chanter and drones are African Blackwood work extremely well together. Drone reeds are made by Pipe Dreams, created specifically for Morrison's Reelpipes.  Chanter reeds are by Megarity. Each set of pipes is fitted with a drone switch.
The bellows are made from the highest quality leather, with plush leather covered cushion pads sewn on the front and back.  The Reelpipe bellows are 100% airtight and extremely comfortable to play.

Here's a video of Fred Morrison playing a set of his reelpipes:

Bellows Blown Reel Pipes

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