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McCallum AB4 Blackwood Victorian Bagpipes

McCallum AB4 Blackwood Victorian Bagpipes


African blackwood with blackwood projecting mounts, Victorian scroll engraved alloy ferrules, slides, and ringcaps, and beaded alloy/blackwood mouthpiece.

Pipes come as sticks only but include poly chanter with engraved sole. We recommend set-up to include a Bannatyne hide/synthetic bag with zipper, bag cover, cords, and Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds. We also recommend re-hemping with black waxed hemp, tuning, and testing prior to delivery. Adjustment to blow pipe length is also included if set-up is chosen.

McCallum is now sleeving the blowpipes to prevent cracking. Also, there is a valve installed in the blowpipe stock.

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McCallum AB4 Blackwood Victorian Bagpipes

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McCallum AB4 Victorian Pipes