Cherie Storozinski's Product Reviews

  • McCallum AB4 Bagpipes , October 7th, 2008
    I just love my new bagpipes. They are fabulous, custom fit to me (and only me) and they play beautifully. They even make me sound good!
  • Piper's Pal Reed Protector , October 7th, 2008
    I love my piper\'s pal. I do not play as often as I should. The pal keeps the reed workable. I would recommend it.
  • Piper's Pal Reed Protector , October 7th, 2008
    I have this piper\'s pal to keep my extra reeds stored. That way if I happen to \"destroy\" my current reed I always have a reed that will break in quicker and easier.
  • Keltik Elektrik 2 CD , October 7th, 2008
    This CD is great for any Celtic party. I love it for Hogmany.
  • Reasonable price. But after one wash the collar had a noticeably rough surface. Other negative is how sheer it is. It works under a jacket or vest.