Instructions for Removal and Replacement of Plastic Drone Reed Screws


Removal of Stripped Plastic Nose Cone Screws

Removal of Stripped Screws:
1. Select a Phillips screwdriver or flat screwdriver that is slightly larger than the allen key supplied with the reeds.
2. Using the screwdriver, press into the stripped screw so that the screwdriver will “bite” into the plastic.
3. Unscrew the stripped screw until it is removed.

Tip: If you can sharpen the end of a flat screwdriver with a bench grinder, this makes an excellent tool for removing stripped plastic setscrews.

Installation of New Screws:
1. Screw the new setscrews in with the allen key provided with the reeds.
2. Adjust setscrews to suit tuning height of drones.

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